Cataract Surgery

Parker Cornea is a global leader in cataract surgery.

In the United States, cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss in adults over 50. They are curable with cataract surgery; a painless procedure to replace the eye’s worn-out, cloudy lens with an optically perfect artificial lens, designed to last forever.

Custom cataract surgery is designed to provide the best vision possible by customizing the operation to each patient’s vision and unique eye shape.

The Surgical Suite:
Custom cataract surgery is performed within dedicated suites inside the Parker Cornea Vestavia
Hills office. These suites are staffed by expertly trained ophthalmic technicians and equipped
with some of the newest and most advanced technology available, including special devices
that make these rooms among the cleanest and most sterile in the world.
For custom cataract surgery, anesthesia is provided by mouth, rather than by IV. As a result,
the day tends to be quicker and more comfortable. For instance, you won’t need to change
into a hospital gown, and you are free to eat breakfast or lunch on the day of your procedure.

The Surgery:
The single biggest advantage of custom cataract surgery is that enables the possibility of better-
quality vision through the correction of astigmatism, either with specialty lenses or with surgical
techniques to reshape the cornea. This involves a unique surgical plan, tailor-made for each
individual patient, designed to provide the best possible visual outcome.

The Staff:
Our surgical team members are all expertly trained in complex ophthalmic surgery. You will
likely recognize many of them, since they are the same people who evaluated you in our office
and who took you through testing. As a result, the entire surgical team comes to the operating
room already remembering you and well-familiar with your case. This unique team-centered
approach to your eye enables the best possible visual results.

The Cost:
You can expect for your insurance company to pay for some of your procedure, but there are
charges for custom cataract surgery that insurance typically does not cover. The cost of custom
cataract surgery in addition to insurance is $1875 per eye, which can be paid ahead of surgery
or in installments of approximately $50 per month through CareCredit. This includes the cost of
specialized testing, astigmatism correction, and the cost of any specialty lens. Surgical costs
must be paid or financed at least 3 days before surgery.
The only time there is any additional charge is if you request specifically to receive a multifocal
lens. Parker Cornea offers these lenses to patients at our cost at $1000 per eye.

Lenses Used

monofocal lens

Monofocal Lens

In patients without significant astigmatism, this lens provides excellent quality near or distance vision, but not both.  Patients who receive this option should therefore expect to wear reading (or distance) glasses after surgery.

Multifocal/Extended Depth-of-Focus Lens

Multifocal/Extended Depth-of-Focus Lens

These lenses are designed to minimize the need for glasses, and they typically provide improved vision in the distance and up close. These lenses therefore provide a greater range of vision than standard monofocal lenses. However, the tradeoff for this improved range of vision is glare, halos, and starbursts are more visible at night, and the quality of your vision might not be as sharp as with a standard monofocal lens.

Toric (Astigmatism Correcting) Upgrade lens

Toric (Astigmatism Correcting)

Both monofocal and multifocal lenses are also available in “toric” designs for patients with significant astigmatism. “Astigmatism” is warpage of the corneal surface. Toric lenses correct for this warpage, resulting in improved quality of vision.