Resources For Doctors

Parker Cornea offers resources for providers and their patients upon request. View our selection and download digital files here.

EasyGraph Topography Rental

Renting an Easygraph is a no-commitment, low-cost and space-effective way to diagnose keratoconus, improve the fit contact lenses and more. This device mounts directly your existing slit lamp and requires only 20 minutes of staff training to use. Parker Cornea coordinates the transportation, training and rental of the device for $12/day.

The Patient’s Guide to Fuchs Dystrophy

This booklet helps patients to understand their diagnosis of Fuchs Dystrophy and walks them through treating and curing the disease. It is ideally given to patients at the time of diagnosis before their referral appointment.

Keratoconus Cliff Notes

This document details the prevalence, urgency and key indicators of keratoconus. It also guides you through a partnership with Parker Cornea, including explaining what treatment options we commonly utilize and what you can expect in seeing your patients when return for their primary eye care.

Crosslinking Follow Up Guide

This document details follow-up care including a list of prescribed medication, what to expect to see in returning patients, and recommended testing.

Keratoconus Magazine

This magazine explains the diagnosis of keratoconus, stresses the urgency of treatment, and details options for surgical and non-surgical treatment. This is best given at the time of diagnosis or when referring an existing keratoconic patient.

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