When considering any kind of eye surgery, the primary considerations should be safety and results. At Parker Cornea, our mission is to offer the safest, most effective, most advanced vision correction procedures available anywhere in the world.

Although our focus is providing the very best in surgical vision correction by placing the newest technology in the hands of the most experienced surgeons, we also work to bring this level of treatment within the reach of almost any budget. There are several ways our patients have found helpful in making vision correction at Parker Cornea Vision even more affordable.


Parker Cornea is proud to offer financing through Care Credit. We have several different payment plans available, including no-interest financing for up to 18 and 24 months, or extended terms of up to 60 months. Plans are available to make vision correction surgery fit into nearly any budget.

Medical Savings Accounts

Vision correction surgery is eligible for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and medical Flex Spending Accounts (FSA). This means patients can use pre-tax funds to pay for these life-changing procedures. Depending on the patient’s tax bracket, this can mean a savings of 20 percent or more.

Tax Deduction

The IRS has determined that LASIK is a tax-deductible medical expense. This ruling may give you an additional income tax deduction if you have LASIK performed.

Credit Cards

Many patients use credit cards to pay for their LASIK eye surgeries. We accept most credit cards.