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Corneal Transplants

Corneal Transplants

The Alabama Eye Bank works with Parker Cornea for Corneal Transplants

The Alabama Eye Bank works to help victims of corneal blindness see by working with donors’ families, and is an integral part of the work performed by Parker Cornea.

Historically, (sutured) corneal transplantation has had better success when used for keratoconus than it has in any other application. Even old studies demonstrate that about 95% of patients with keratoconus can achieve 20/40 or better vision with a corneal transplant, and new and improved methods of corneal transplantation (e.g., partial transplants) are now available that further improve keratoconus transplant outcomes.

Despite these positives, corneal transplantation is generally used as a last resort in the treatment of keratoconus. A primary goal of modern techniques such as cross-linking, Intacs implantation and Bowman-layer transplantation is to preserve vision while avoiding the need for sutured corneal transplantation.

Meet Sandy Drummond, a recipient of 2 DMEK surgeries from Dr. John Parker.