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Bowman Layer Transplant

Bowman Layer Transplant

Bowman Layer transplant

Bowman’s layer is located between the cornea’s epithelium and stroma layers.

Bowman’s layer is a very thin (10 micron) layer of specially organized collagen fibers just beneath the surface (epithelium) of the cornea. Disintegration of Bowman’s layer is the first microscopically observable change of keratoconus.

Research at NIIOS (Rotterdam) has demonstrated the value of a sutureless procedure that places a healthy Bowman layer into a keratoconic cornea. (Ophthalmology 2015;122:909-917). The thin and transparent, but strong and healthy, Bowman layer can strengthen and improve the contour of the keratoconic cornea and prevent progression of even advanced keratoconus.

Doctors John and Jack Parker are pioneering the use of the Bowman layer transplant in the US. Read more about this new treatment for keratoconus on our blog.

At the EuCornea meeting in Barcelona, Spain, on Sept. 9, 2016, Jack Parker, MD, talked about Bowman’s layer transplantation, a minimally interventional procedure to arrest progression of the disease in patients with advanced keratoconus otherwise ineligible for other procedures. Watch a video of the presentation below.

Bowman layer transplantation for advanced keratoconus by Drs. John and Jack Parker