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iStent for GlaucomaOne of the newest, safest and least troublesome treatments for glaucoma is the iStent® – a tiny device implanted into the eye during cataract surgery that creates a permanent internal ocular opening through which the eye’s aqueous fluid can flow, thereby lowering eye pressure.

The device works much like the stents used by cardiologists to maintain blood flow to the heart. It is implanted during cataract surgery and immediately opens the internal aqueous drainage system that is the usual source of increased intraocular pressure in eyes with open-angle glaucoma. The iStent® can’t be felt or even seen (without a microscope and a special lens). It doesn’t wear out or need replacement.

Glaucoma drops can often be reduced or eliminated after iStent® implantation and eye pressure is usually lowered by about 3 mm Hg compared with cataract surgery alone.

Dr. John Parker was one of the first Alabama ophthalmologists trained in iStent® surgery. He implants the device regularly.

Learn about how an iStent® can relieve your intraocular pressure, reducing or eliminating your need for painful glaucoma medication.