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DMEK Gives Mark Boesel his Color Back

You don’t notice the color fading from your life until you get it back.

That was the experience Mark Boesel had two days after his DMEK surgery, when he opened his eyes and – for the first time in years – saw his backyard in its true color.

“I looked out the window two days after my surgery, and I just remember noticing how green everything was,” Mark said. “I hadn’t realized how cloudy my vision had gotten until Dr. Parker fixed it.”

Mark’s vision began to deteriorate when he was in his mid-50’s, making it difficult to continue his work as a handyman. He was having trouble reading his tape measure, and eventually had to stop driving.

“I saw four different ophthalmologists, who each told me my vision problems were related to cataracts, but that it wasn’t advanced enough to repair surgically,” Mark said. “Something made me question those diagnoses. When my vision left me on the borderline of being legally blind, I knew I had to get another opinion. That’s when I did some research and found Dr. Parker.

“I drove three hours to see him, which was a big deal for this ol’ country boy.”

Dr. Parker took one look at Mark’s eyes and knew it wasn’t cataracts – it was Fuchs’ dystrophy.

“When Dr. Parker told me that what I had was Fuchs’ dystrophy and that he could repair it, I was elated. I wanted to kiss him,” Mark said.

The repair that Dr. Parker recommended – and subsequently performed on both of Marks’ eyes – is a procedure called Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty, or DMEK. With DMEK, the defective pump cells in the cornea are replaced with healthy pump cells (the cells that constantly remove excess water, keeping the cornea clear to allow light to pass through) from a donor cornea.

DMEK is minimally invasive, virtually painless and done through a tiny suture-less incision, so recovery time is minimal.

“I’m able to do all the things I wasn’t able to before my surgery,” Mark said. “I can work in my woodshop, watch TV, drive – having the DMEK procedure at Parker Cornea changed my life.”

Watch Mark’s story here.

If you or a loved on is suffering from Fuchs’ dystrophy or cloudy vision, contact Parker Cornea to bring the color back to your life.